Overview of Rajdhar -Chutney  "Chaatnee"


Rajdhar is a style developed in Guyana incorporating Kathak, Nagara, and Bhojpuri style to Tan Sangeet music.  With intricate foot works, storytelling, and subtle hip movements are the essence of this dying art form. 


Each Chutney beginner’s workshop will introduce students to the art form of chutney and will educate them on the heritage, tradition, and origination of this style. This workshop will encourage the students to understand the moods and feelings of the songs in order to enhance the chutney dance.  Students will explore the history of chutney, the influences folk dance have on chutney and the evolution of chutney today. 


  • To learn the basic skills of chutney dancing, develop life long skills and dance vocabulary
  • To create awareness of traditional/cultural dance styles to dancers.
  • To learn how to integrate dance steps into full productions of creative chutney dance.
  • To appreciate Indian Culture through this traditional art form and become aware of the history/origination of chutney dancing

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