MackieNation Mission

MackieNationOrg Funded By JEMShops.OrgWhatever we can, to get these Kids future Scholarship Worthy! Open these Doors to our American Youth. Give the kids a better promising situation and have them be Ready for Tomorrow life plan Our Mission is:  

Who We Are:  

We are Family of 6 siblings consist of 4 Brothers and  Sisters with a great amount of passion for our fellows’ Peers, With Parents that supported our Emotions and helped us come up with a way that we can help with our community.  

What We Do: 

The work that we do, is helping to Support and Dedicate 





for the ones who cannot. We have been supporting the youth Theatrical Arts and  Sports Programs since 2004 with donating/sponsoring Time, Funds, Foods, Shelter, Utility Pay, Personal Training, Rebuilding of Confidence in our kids. 

We do all this by dedicating the most efforts into that program/kids in need, building up presences covering their story to tell the world. We here at MackieNation have been helping since 2004Sponsored by JEMShops.Org a  (BLOG) with their support we have been able to give back to Supporting Communities. 

We want to take the pressure of the Financial aspects of being an  Adult; who physically responsible for these kids.   

I’m Talking to you Teachers, Coaches, Instructors, and Parents/Influencers in that child life. 

By MackieNation pushing towards more opportunities, bigger strives to be opened doors for these kids, that would not ever open if just left alone.   

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