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JAI Mission & Purpose

Picture  Preserving The Indo Carribean  


 JayaDevi Arts Inc (JAI)

Founded 2008 is a non-profit organization since 2010.  JAI  preserves, teaches, and presents the arts and culture of Indo- Caribbean communities from Guyana, Trinidad, Jamaica, Suriname, and other parts of the Caribbean living in the South Florida area.  JAI works to rejuvenate Indo-Caribbean cultural and artistic life and to restore self-esteem to this new American community. JAI stimulates original and artistic creativity such as fusing traditional classical art form with modern non-traditional styles, especially among the younger generation of Indo-Caribbean youths born in the United States.  JAI's Cultural skills and artistic craftsmanship emerge from year-round workshops between tradition-bearers, master artists, scholars, and young students... Jaya Devi is specifically concerned with the activities and development of community youth. Here JAI's goal is to strengthen community infrastructure support and create the environment necessary for youth to develop into well rounded young adults.

As the ONLY Indo-Caribbean Organization in Florida and second organization in the US,  our goal is to help Indo-Caribbeans excel through a sustained arts program engaging local, professional teaching artists, educators, and instructors. Through the arts, we are bridging the generational gap by encouraging interest and participation by youth, parents, elders, family, custodians, and community.  JAI work revolves around cultural initiatives that organize and mentor community members to produce sustainable arts programs in the underserved neighbourhoods of colour. These neighbourhood outreach projects support traditional and contemporary art forms of people of South Asian ancestry from the Caribbean and South America.

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JAI's GOAL is to strengthen community infrastructure support and create the environment necessary for youth to develop into well rounded young adults.

The School will fulfill its purpose, as specified in section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954, and shall not carry on any activities not permitted to be carried on by a corporation exempt from Federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954.


 Emergency & Referral Services   

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JAI Objectives are to:-
A)  To present live theatre productions for the cultural education, entertainment, and inspiration of the community.

B)  To perform at charitable and non-charitable events to promote the Indo-Caribbean Arts and Culture and obtain a small stipend.

C)  To foster and develop, through theatrical workshops and other appropriate means, the artistic talents and skills of (JAI) members and other interested persons.

D)  To engage in and subsidize social activities designed to foster the foregoing purposes of the organization as limited by the laws.

Indo-Caribbean Arts & Culture is very unique and very different from is popularly displayed in  India.  The food, dance, music, etc are all unique to that of the Caribbean and what our ancestors brought from the Motherland. 


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**Plantation Location
7401 NW 16 St Ste 301 Plantation FL 33313
Wednesdays 6-8 pm  5 yrs & up

Thursdays 6:30-7: 30 pm Adults 35 yrs +
Fridays 6-7: 30 pm 

Classes are kept small so register soon!!!  $55 a month includes registration fee, class fee, and membership.  
After 6 months uniforms are required students to purchase fabric and seamstress fee is $25.
As a JAI Dancer costume for performances will be provided after 1 year of training. 
call Denyse 954.961.0031 or visit their jayadeviarts.com or FaceBook, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, or Gmail

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