Indo-Carribean Dance


What is the Indo-Caribbean Dance?  Indo-Caribbean Dance forms are dances brought to the Caribbean from India by our ancestors.  It is different dance styles merged together to form our unique styles such as   Rajdhar, Launda Ki Nautch, Chutney, and Soca Chutney.

Rajdhar is a style developed in Guyana incorporating Kathak, nagara, and bhojpuri style to Tan Sangeet music.  With intricate foot works, storytelling, and subtle hip movements are the essence for this dying art form


Chutney Dance or “Chaatnee” was a Bhojpuri Dance performed socially at festivals, weddings, births and to celebrate the fertility, cultivation, and harvest of the land. It is a dance of romance and seduction with subtle and provocative elements, twists and curves requiring strong, physical endurance. Brought to the Caribbean from Bihar 165 years ago, the dance developed its own flavor and received its “hot and spicy” name Chutney in Trinidad where it is a leading dance style and includes new evolving styles like Soca-Chutney (Soul-Calypso-Chutney). Today, Chutney is danced for its sheer pleasure and excitement by people of all ages, gender, and ethnicity.  The unique chutney style at JAI has a classical foundation

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