Class Policy

JAI Class Policies



All Classes

  • Girls/Women Boys/Men are required to wear JAI uniform.

  • Temporary attire will be worn for a period of 8 weeks until proper attire is attained      

  • Girls/Women are required to wear a Salwar or long skirt with a dupatta tied around the waist.

  • Boys/Men are required to wear kurta top with loose pants.

Those students who have ghungrus are required to wear them to every class and must arrive 10-15 minutes before the start of the class to put them on.  

For all classes a notebook and pen are necessary and a folder to store all handouts and homework. 

All students MUST practice and review vocabulary and homework at homeAll students must be on time or 5 minutes before. All students must complete all homework assignment for the next session. Everyone must be responsible for their own personal belongs, no chewing of gum in class, and all cell phones must be switched off during class. 
These are a must to maintain professional standards of this dance school and instill discipline in each student to feel, think and act as a dancer

Missed Classes: 
Students may make-up a missed class (es) by attending a class of the same level at the JayaDevi location if available.  Missed classes must be made up within the month and will not be credited to the following month or refunded. In the absence of the instructor, the date will change or a makeup date will be arranged, if a substitute instructor is not provided. 

All tuition received on or after the end of the first week of each month is late and a late fee of $5.00 will be charged for every week late.  Any checks written on accounts with insufficient funds will be charged an additional $35.00 for processing.
  Tuition is non-refundable.

Payments are made 
monthly, bi-annual or annual.  Dance class is 1hour once a week for single classes  (or 3 hours twice a month). Double classes are 2.5hrs once a week.  Tuition does not include costumes, jewelry, workshops, materials, etc.

Costumes, jewelry, and accessories are paid for by Jayadevi given on loan to students. or you can pay for your own costumes.  If you will no longer be a student of JAI you can donate your costumes,  accessories, jewelry to JAI for a Tax Exemption.

To Be a JAI Dancer
You MUST have good grades!!!  If you need tutoring JAI will provide tutoring within the organization to assist you with keeping your grades up. All students and parents will sign the Student Agreement Form during registration time.

Student Code of Conduct/ Ethics 
 STUDENT AGREEMENT   Student’s Code of Ethics
Perfect Attendance is my goal. I understand that if I am not in my regular classes 90% of the time I could be removed from choreographies and Performances. 
I will attend all classes wearing my uniform, hair secured, a respectful attitude toward my Guru and fellow students
I will be responsible and hard working in every class. I will be dedicated and respectful towards my parents and my Guru. 
I will follow the golden rule and treat others the way I will like to be treated. 
I will ALWAYS ask my Guru’s permission to perform ANYWHERE whether it’s your own choreography or Jayadevi’s choreography.

JAI is a Gurukula System Guru and Student respect, so I will ALWAYS ask my Guru’s permission even if I am NO LONGER with Jayadevi out of respect for obtaining training and knowledge.  
I will be prepared with all costumes, Ghungroos, makeup, props and accessories for each performance. And will arrive 1hr to 30mins before showtime to be fully prepared. 
If I am entering a competition, talent show or any event on my own after 
obtaining permission from my Guru, I will ALWAYS mention/give credit to Jayadevi and/or Denyse Baboolal as the Guru/instructor or where I obtained my training and knowledge in dance
I will return all Jayadevi costumes, jewelry, accessories, and props when I am no longer a member of  JAI

 I understand 
If these Codes of Ethics are not enforced, disciplinary actions will occur including but not limited to… not allowed to learn new choreographies, not allowed to perform at events or attend workshops, Suspended, expelled, etc.  depending on the severity of the 

Parent’s Code of   Ethics
I will respect Jayadevi instructor/Guru, Board, members, and Guest instructors I will make my payments in a timely manner I will return all Jayadevi Costume and jewelry if I am longer a member of JAI I will address all inquiries or concerns to Miss Denyse (Director) or members of the Board. ( In private and in writing)  I WILL ALWAYS ask JAI Guru/instructor permission when my child will be performing outside the group, if graduated or if no longer with JAI.  I own this much respect to Jayadevi for the knowledge and training my child have obtained.

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