Youth in the Community, Were Funding Your Cause!!..

E. India Mackie

Posted on July 31 2017

Funding Your Cause!!..

JEMShops is about building up the Community to support Youth on their growing up/ becoming the best at what they do! "Venture"!!.. 


Hey, Influencers of the Youth Community! JEMShops wants to help you, MAKE IT HAPPEN!!.. Let Us Together,  Give that chance to our, "Youth" to expand their minds and talents in wear-ever their Talents may stand. JEMShops will proudly support any youth Program, it could be:  NAGA Championships, to Extreme Sports, or Theatrical Arts, or even Pageants, Music Programs, and lets - let the (Geeks), Geek Out with Techy Sports.


Competition is everywhere!!  Where each kid scenario, needs to be, the best at what they can be!.. JEMShops wants to take the financial burden away; of how to "Do This", And just let the kids be kids. That is to Compete at their highest potential. Whether its a Skater Competition, "JEMShops HUGE FAN of the sport" to a Gulf Tournament, "Massive Scholarship Potential available" or a Ballet Recital, "So Beautiful/Elegant"

 JEMShops wants to help them achieve there goals!!..  


Contact us on any about your Cause!!..


or Shoot us at

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