"Shout Out"!!.. Movers & Shaker of the Community "Who Need Funds To Be Raised"

India Mackie

Posted on May 13 2017


JEMShops.Org goals are to raise funds in a retail store feel and give back to the Youth Sports and Theatrical Arts Communities. To help our kids reach their goals in being successful and scholarship worthy. We want to make a difference with an impact that can be raved about for years to come.

We want to create a bridge that will be supporting both Sports with Theatrical Art kids simultaneously!  Keeping kids off the street or simply out of their parent’s hair! We want to be there! Helping our communities Leaders, Coaches, Teachers, Parents, The Older Sister or Brothers, Aunt Uncles, Grandparents, Foster Parents, the list can go on.

 The bottom line is: if you are,” The Influencer” in a child life: you’re not going to be able, to be fully focused and dedicated on that child or team. Once finances become an issue. We want to be able to make it easier and support those “Great People”, on their dedication, “Journey” with our Future “JEMS”, our kids, within the confines of JEMShops own ability. We simply want to HELP!!...

Mould their minds now with Positive Forces. We Help our Kids Now, Our Kids Will Help Us Later!!... Show the kids Love now, they will Love Us Later

Let’s Give a Kid a Chance to become a “The Great Future Leader and Influencer”


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