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E. India Mackie

Posted on July 31 2017


JEMShops it is our, "Specialty/Purpose/Requirement/Must Have", "MackieNation" is the Group of Kids that put the; (Dedication and Thoughts) behind this Program for the Creation of: {The JEM Kid "Kids In Need Program"}!!.. 

JEMShops has Financially supported this "Movement by MackieNation" since 2004  in the building of their Brand of the "JEM" KID! We here at JEMShops SUPPORT every "Diamond in the Rough", (Every Kid NEEDS, that chance, to be polished in their Talent! Every Kid NEEDS the Love, Dedication & Support to, "Shine Bright LIKE a Diamond"), JEMShops has Backed  MackieNation with their cause, right from the beginning!!.. 

     With the Combination of :

"JEMShops Financial Support & MackieNation Dedication" Have been able to provide Funding/Support for many kids with: Supplies, Protective Gear, Cleats, Tuition, Travel, Lodge, Uniforms, Swag Gear, Meals, Costumes, Team Parties/Celebrations, Trophies, and Crowns!!..

 MackieNation Dedication & JEMShops Financial Support goal is to keep our, "JEM Kids" Spirits high, Support the Parents and give them the Confidence that they need, in the "Precious JEM", Kid. To watch them become a great talent that is scholarship worthy, or be able to become a talented enough that could get sponsored and move on to the next level in their Journey!!..

 JEMShops wants to take this opportunity to reach out to other youth programs; that is dedicated to cause; of helping, kids achieve their goals of becoming a {JEM KID}!!.. 

"This is Shout Out"!!.. Calling All Movers & Shaker of the Youth Communities!!..

Teachers, Coaches, Influencers, Parents, Counselors, Leaders, & Big Brother/Big Sister Coordinators, any Persons who are involved with Youth Programs. Who is in need of funding and dedications to your YOUTHs CAUSEs!!..

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