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Posted on January 29 2019



Phagwah or Holi is a Hindu festival of colors celebration to coming of spring and the triumph of good over evil.   This event is for everyone regardless of race, religion, or class.  Everyone is encouraged to participate in this celebration.  Phagwah is an international celebration but in South Florida, for many years every type of organization hosted a different festival on a small capacity in several different locations throughout Miami, Broward, and West Palm Beach.  Orlando and Tampa both have one unity Phagwah/Holi celebration, but unfortunately, this is not the case in South Florida.  Jayadevi Arts Inc. ultimate goal is to UNITE all the festivals from different venues and different countries in one park as one festival conducted in the true and traditional sense.  In keeping with traditions, the new and upcoming generations can preserve our culture and heritage the same way our ancestors did.


 Official Phagwah Celebration Rules:   

 UNITED WE STAND……….. DIVIDED WE FALL                                              Let’s Unite and play Holi!!!!

Invitations are all diverse organizations to participate in the festivities, vegan food, and traditional music appropriate to Phagwah.





The purpose is to promote, preserve, unite, inspire people of all race, color, gender, creed & age to come together to celebrate the rich cultural heritage of Indo-Caribbeans from Trinidad, Guyana, Jamaica, Suriname, other parts of the Caribbean, South America, and Indo-Asians.  The massive portrayal of goodwill on this occasion should generate positive feelings towards one another and help to heal deep-seated divisions within our community and beyond. Phagwah is a socially unifying force that brings people from diverse social backgrounds together.  All Social barriers are removed for that one day, with all the people embracing each other in fun and playful jollification.  Participants should cast aside their differences and come together.  Phagwah or Holi dates to over 5,000 years. Phagwah marks the beginning of spring and ushers in a time of the sharing of goodwill and our bounty.

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 After the abolition of African slavery in 1836, Asian Indians were brought to work as indentured laborers on European-owned colonial sugar plantations in Caribbean islands, such as Trinidad and Jamaica, and South American mainland countries, Guyana and Suriname.  Their descendants, called Indo-Caribbeans, make up the majority populations in Guyana, Suriname, and Trinidad. Since the 1960s, in a second wave of migration due to economic and political upheavals, many people fled to the United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, and Canada. Read More

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