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India Mackie

Posted on December 03 2020


Coach Justin Mackie; "MackieNation," on their MISSION of Funding Kids in Needs for Athletic Sports and Theatrical Arts Programs.

Coach Justin has been a part of coaching youth football since 2003; as well as, being a part of a staff that has won, Superbowl 2 years in a row. He is currently a 13U Head Coach of youth football. In which, he has turned this team around in 3 years. From 0-22 Team: 0  to 2nd win, his first year there. Last year, the 2nd year he brought this team to be the 5th seed in the playoffs — huge eye Opener in the youth football community.

His profession is specializing in training Youth Sports, from Tennis to Football; and Theatrical Arts, from Dance to Acting;  giving these kids the credentials to be scholarship worthy. He is a mentor to these kids, building up their self-esteem; Recapturing the ones that have lost confidence due to injury, personal circumstances, and kids just making wrong decisions. He has successfully trained these youths since 2010. Currently, 3 of his students’ have already obtained scholarships and moved on to division 1 colleges. Parents are raving about Coach Justin Calling him “The Child Whisperer.”


He got started in the Year of 2003. Slowly moving forward in this industry and realizing we can make a difference in these kids’ lives. Just by merely Volunteering at first. Then Coaching and putting kids in the right positions for a positive outcome for them. As the years to come, Justin opened up the Backyard Gym to get extra training for the Football Kids, by hosting football camps. As the buzz spread, a crossed the sports community. Other athletes started requesting private lessons within their sports. Present time, as Coach Justin’s Reputations has now so large and overwhelming; what can he do as one man!  He is reaching out, to his community and fellow supporters. On this massive quest in starting this movement, for the kids that cannot afford, “for whatever reason may be’ to give a kid a chance to make it.


Our goals are to raise funds. Give our customers a retail store feel!  As we grow into a community with the Acknowledgement of WISDOM, "It takes a Village to RAISE a Child"!!.. We want to be able to give back to the Youth Sports and Theatrical Arts Communities. To help our kids reach their goals in being successful and scholarship worthy. We want to make a difference with an impact that can be raved about for years to come.

The Purpose of Merging the two worlds, sports, and arts. Will allow us MackieNation to fill in the:

  • gaps,
  • the holes,
  • the hurtles
  • the unknowns

We are supporting each other’s worlds, standing united and firm. Keep us moving towards the goals, and will help our children come along. No child left behind, keep an open mind! Uniting these worlds bring knowledge of struggles and triumph. Understanding is the key to success of a happy life for you and me!                              


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